George Robinson is in Year 13 at Stamford School. On 27th July 2015, George was injured playing rugby in South Africa on the School Rugby Tour whilst playing against DF Malan School, Cape Town, George incurred a serious spinal cord injury in a tackle. The injury is life changing as it caused a transection of his spinal cord. Over five months in to the injury it is likely that George will require long-term personal care and support.

The Robinson family are positive in their outlook and purposeful, as is George, that he will continue to live a vibrant life and contribute to the full.


After spending 37 days in a South African hospital and a further 5 weeks in Addenbrookes, Cambridge, George then started his rehabilitation in the Princess Royal Spinal Unit in Sheffield.


A Trust has been set up for George. Members of this Trust are George’s father, Mr Simon Robinson, Mr Gareth Evison (parent), Mr William Burgess (parent) and the Principal of Stamford School, Mr Will Phelan. They are supported by a superb fund raising team led by Mr David Laventure (Director of Sport at Stamford) including; Mrs Linda Evison and Mrs Jacalyn Burgess (parents)


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