Peterborough Arena Charity Concert

James Ellis

Event Organiser

''I had a dream and this dream is coming true.

Let's pull together.''

''Last summer, when on Rugby tour to South Africa, an accident happened. On one sunny afternoon, many lives can be turned upside down simply by one incident. This made me realise just how precious every life really is and how quickly things can change.



With this, I grew the passion to make change for those unfortunate people that we see every day. Not only to financially support the beneficiaries, but to show them that in modern society, they have the support of thousands. 


The 4 causes that we have chosen to benefit from this

concert are simply incredible.  Between them they have supported and inspired hundreds of individuals and their families. 



I first gained exposure to them when I was at primary school and have a connection to each one; having seen first hand how public support can change peoples lives I wanted to create this event at Peterborough Arena.



I had a dream and this dream is coming true. To bring to you a concert, as a show of reward, for all the hard work that has been donated to these charities over the years.



100% of all proceeds will be split between the beneficiaries with no profit taken by our organisation.



Let's bring thousands of people together at 1 place and at 1 time, to show our support. You will not forget this night, I promise. 


Let's pull together. Let's change lives.



James Ellis''